Best car for tech fans in 2021

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You can’t get away from cutting-edge technology in new cars these days. But some people want it all: The best sensors, the most expansive screens and the snappiest processors. Some people simply want tech to improve their driving experience in a variety of ways. What’s the “best tech” packed into a car? It’s complicated.

We tasked our editors to name the best vehicles for anyone wanting the best-of-the-best on the market right now. Yes, there are luxury cars on the list, but some of the cars included may surprise you for their price.

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Andrew Krok/Roadshow

Whether you’re talking about the cabin tech or the stuff that lives under the body, there’s all sorts of new technology hiding out in Ford’s first electric Mustang, which just so happens to also be a crossover SUV.

Slide into the ‘s cabin and you’re immediately greeted with a honkin’ 15.5-inch portrait display. This screen covers the traditional infotainment duties, but it also hides a wealth of vehicle settings and other related features that let you customize all sorts of vehicle parameters. It’s also Ford’s best iteration of its Sync software to date.

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Ford has given the Mach-E’s underlying tech some modularity, too. Want just a single electric motor on the rear axle? Great! If you want all-wheel drive, just slap another one in the front. Want a bigger battery? Don’t worry, Ford can slap one of those in, too. And with even more variants on the horizon, there’s bound to be a Mach-E variant that will fit your needs — and your performance joneses, too.

-Andrew Krok, reviews editor

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